Michael Lisle Dunn


A Quantum Mass Part 1 finished - and it's a Digitiphony


I have finally completed Part 1 of  A Quantum Mass - and I have realised


One More Thing For Love released


Today my third collaboration with Mella is released


Interview for Justine Perry's blog


The lyricist, Blogger and author Justine Perry has interviewed me for her blog..


New Track and Video with Mella


I am very lucky to have the remarkable


'Knuckles' released


Today 'Knuckles' is released 


A Quantum Mass (continued)


It has been painstakingly slow progress, but


New collaboration


I have worked with singer Mella on a new


Interview for Mella's blog

Be Like This River released at Spotify etc


Tonight the audio


Be Like This River and the amazing Mella


When recording


Conscience/Cape Understand released on Spotify etc

New Song, 'Conscience/Cape Understand'


I have completed another new track, with the


A Quantum Mass

This World (A Delicate Balance) now on general release


This World (A Delicate Balance) was released on Monday 3rd June to Apple, Spotify, CDBaby etc


A Quantum Mass


I have started work on a new long form musical piece


New Song "This World (A Delicate Balance)"


I read a poem by Julie Goldman


New Toy


The theme from Digitiphony 3 played on a


New track "Conscience"


When I was at school, many moons ago, I half wrote a song. Though other tunes I 


Another Parting Gesture


The single from Digitiphony 9 is



New String Quartetette

Digitiphony 9 Video


I have set the..




Now that I have finished my Digitiphonies I have


Flows of Time in all the places


Digitiphony 9 'Flows of Time' is released today as hard copy CD and on Spotify, Pandora etc This is the end of a long road :-) mini site at https://mldunn.hearnow.com


New Music for a New Year

Happy Holidays


Season'e Greetings to everyone, I hope you have a Peaceful, Restful Holiday and  a Happy, Prosperous 2019. Thank you for the support I have been shown with the music this year. Digitiphony 9 is 'in the works' and will be released on iTunes on 1st January, and on Spotify, Tidal and other online streaming platforms on 7th January, 2019. Peace and Love ! Mike


Digitiphony 9


Digitiphony 9 is finally finished. Beautifully mastered by Dave Blackman at Hiltongrove. Due to be released 3rd January 2019 but here is a full length stream 


Seems I have finished


Well it looks like I have


Chaotica complete


I have finally finished Chaotica - the


Halfway point


I am halfway through the Chaos


Chaotica begins


I have started work on...


Staccato Heels


I have finally




I was asked for Lo-Fi recordings by one of the companies I supply music to, had a quick look through old boxes of cassettes and have found a treasure trove of 1980s portastudio recordings from my bedsit in Fortune Green, North London. Here is the first - https://www.pond5.com/stock-music/93213406/token-two.html


Piano Miniature

Staccato Heels

Mailing List er, 'rationalisation'


So by now everyone has heard of GDPR, in Europe at least. So as to keep to the spirit and letter of this, two months ago I resolved to


Digitiphony 9 First Movement complete


I have finished writing and recording the first movement to Digitiphony 9, which


Digitiphony 9 4th Movement


I have finished the 4th Movement of Digitiphony 9. I originally..


Production Music

MLD Virtual Instruments Sale


Two virtual instruments designed by me


Flute Trio

Lyrician Moons (Digitiphony 9 four minutes in)


I am four and a half minutes


Digitiphony 9 beginnings


I have started work on 


Digitiphony - an audio history


I have made an audio history of the background behind my conceptualisation of Digitiphonies. It's about an hour long and has examples of the history, inspiration and purpose behind my Digitiphonies 


New Digitiphony micro site


There is now a new Digitiphony Micro site within this site, with links and artworks to streams and retailaers for all eight existing Digitiphonies. Go here - http://www.digitiphony.com


Digitiphony 8 released at iTunes and Happy Holidays


My Eighth Digitiphony, with Artwork by Derek R Audette , is now up at iTunes and Apple Music. I am very happy to see they have described the genre as 'Modern Era'- it seems the idea might be getting across, finally - click here to view at iTunes

And also, wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season and Peaceful New Year !



Digitiphony 8 released at CDBaby

Digitiphony 8 Complete


Digitiphony 8 is


License MLD tracks at Songtradr


Tracks of mine (including U Kay Hytz etc) can now be licensed through songtradr - follow this link to go there. Anyone who wants other tracks currently not up there to license just contact me using the form on this site and I will put them up there too


The Lake Instrumental

Great Ballad score (sic)


I have a running joke with


Nearly 30 mins into Digitiphony 8 now

First 25 minutes of Digitiphony 8


As promised here is


Demonesque Ballad hits iTunes


My collaboration with


A third of Digitiphony 8


I reckon I am about a third of the way through Digitiphony 8. It seems it..


Six minutes into Digitiphony 8


I am not sure that Digitiphony 8 will


Music like an errant child


I love the way how, once written, music can take on a life of its own


Digitiphony 8 has left the station


I have given up fighting it off


String Quartetette No. 7


I have written a new String Quartetette


New Vid


The cover I made of


Hold Back the River Cover version


My cover version of James Bay's 'Hold back the River'


Surprise song


Well I was not expecting that..


Digitiphony 1 Part 1 Anniversary


It's ten years since


Digitiphony 7 released

Time for taking Digitiphonic stock


Firstly, I have a new video page - http://www.mldunn.net/video/ which includes all the videos I have made or been involved in including my own stuff, uk heights etc

In March Digitiphony 7 will be released. When I started writing these musical leviathans I had no idea I would get this far.




Here is a video


Digitiphony 7 Afterlives full length stream


Here is a full length stream of Digitiphony 7..


Digitiphony 7 is finished


Digitiphony 7 is completed..


Happy Holidays


Wishing anyone and everyone reading this the happiest of New Years.

The last several weeks I have been..


Digitiphony 7 4th Movement begins and there's gonna be 5


I have realised Digitiphony 7 may need to


Digitiphony 7 3rd Movement finished


While I take some time




This week I took delivery of a new scoring program called


M L Dunn Concerto for Harp now on Spotify


My concerto for harp is now


Concerto for Harp at CDBaby


My concerto for Harp is starting to be released up to


Back to Digitiphony 7


After the deviation of unexpectedly writing a Harp Concerto I am back to Digitiphony 7


Concerto for Harp and Chamber Orchestra


I have finished writing and recording a Concerto for Harp and Chamber Orchestra...


The Nirvanian Approach


Digitiphony 7 Second Movement is now finished


Re-make of Cat in the Rain by The Cast


My partner Claire and I have just released a version of the ballad


Digitiphony 7 second movement in progress


I am halfway through Digitiphony 7 second


Studio hiatus over at last


I have finally got back into production after


Folly Artwork


I have made the photos I took for the 


A small catastrophe


My main music PC has gone down, so I am


Over halfway through Digitiphony 7 1st movement


The concept and tone of Digitiphony 7



New Album Links


Here's all the links for the new


New Album - Eklektika


I have a new album released this week, made up of


Digitiphony 6 Completed


I have finally finished Digitiphony 6. Here is a stream of


Happy 2016


Wishing everyone a peaceful, purposeful New Year !

I have been pretty obsessed trying 


A little life relief (sic)


A little light relief from seriousness and stuff. I made this


Larghetto for Strings


This Larghetto for Strings I wrote a few weeks ago on my Staffpad was played last week by




Digitiphony 6 Third Movement finished


I have finished writing the third movement of Digitiphony 6.


U Kay Hytz Retrospective released


A retrospective compilation/remix/mashup of my


Digitiphony 6 Part 3 started


I have started the third movement of


Digitiphony 6 Second Movement finished


I have finished the Second Movement of Digitiphony 6 - a


Follow me on Spotify


You can now follow me on Spotify - just


Sophie Keats collaboration


I was asked by the Canadian Mezzo Soprano Sophie Keats to compose a


29th July 2015


I have finished the first movement of Digitiphony 6 -


Techno tales


The last few weeks has been full of technology for


Digitiphony 5 released


Digitiphony 5 is released today at


13th April 2015



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