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Second Digitiphony: The Integrity of Being

by M L Dunn

Released 2011
m l dunn
Released 2011
m l dunn
Electro Orchestral Symphony in four parts
The revised and extended version.

m l dunn’s first Digitiphony was performed and recorded by U Kay Hytz in 2009. Completely programmed using virtual orchestral sample libraries, electronica and a soupcon of real voices, his Second Digitiphony has more of an orchestral feel than the first, and is longer (40 minutes). Using the self imposed parameters of digitiphonic writing (see below), the four movements encapsulate the gamut of human emotional experience, from grief and despair through to joy and hilarity, in the tradition of symphonic writing.

Sung in Latin and English the lyrics celebrate our state of ‘is-ness’, or ‘The Integrity of Being’.

“Cogito ergo sum
sum ergo sentio
sentio ergo tolero
tolero ergo amo

Dignitas in Vita, perpetuitas in amor.
Strangulatus ab inutilis herbae de libido
Animus eniti per suus dolor
Adfectare locus plus altus.”

Translated as -

“I think therefore I am
I am therefore I feel
I feel therefore I suffer
I suffer therefore I love.

Dignity in existence, perpetuity in love.
Strangled by the weeds of desire
Soul struggles through its suffering
To aspire to a higher place.”

("Di - ji – ti- fo – nee")
A musical form comprising of several movements or parts that incorporates elements of both digital
(generated by computers and virtual instruments) and symphonic (orchestral) instrumentation